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DHS and governmental contracting watchdogs Spencer Hsu and Robert O’Harrow at the Washington Post, released a stinging article today about the replacement of the department’s information-sharing network, according to an October 27, 2007 memo by DHS Undersecretary for Management Paul A. Schneider.

The Homeland Security Information Network is a network of 100 or so web portals used by law enforcement on all levels of government as a platform for “chat and instant messaging, as well as a conduit for suspicious activity reports and analysis of terrorist threats,” according to the article. The Oct. 27 memo called for the need to replace the system by citing most of the portals “duplicative in capabilities.” Reports by the Government Accountability Office found the same and worse, saying it was a “high-risk area,” because it had not fulfilled a key security mandate after 9/11. On December 27, Washington Technology reported, “only half of states use DHS info-sharing networks,” and that “States were generally critical of DHS’ information-sharing initiatives in 2007.”



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The Washington Post is reporting that Representatives John Conyers (D-Mich.) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) have requested the Government Accounting Office investigate the Department of Justice’s practice of ordering corporate monitorships. Monitors are individuals assigned to scrutinize companies that have been found guilty of malfeasance. Rather than indicting these companies in a way that would do damage to the overall company, and possibly cost workers their jobs, a monitor comes in and makes changes on the company dime.

As you may remember, last Sunday and the week before, Past and Prologue covered the story of former Attorney General John Ashcroft’s $28 million to $52 million no-bid contract to oversee a medical company named Zimmer who had been found guilty of giving kickbacks to doctors who proscribed this companies products. “The manner in which these contracts have been awarded and the lack of oversight in their implementation raises questions about the role of political or personal favoritism,” Leahy and Conyers wrote.

More on this as the story progresses…

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It’s clear to us why Pelosi took impeachment off the table. She and her cohorts supported the President’s descent into war crimes and as we reported earlier asked whether or not the torture techniques used were tough enough. (more…)

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The blood is in the water on the CIA tape case, as was broken on Friday, the CIA has destroyed two tapes which contain evidence of waterboarding. This prompted a firestorm of accusations about who knew what, when, and whether or not there is a case to be made about obstruction of justice. Republicans and Democrats alike are looking at investigation vehicles to examine exactly what went on.  A round-up of the weekend coverage here… (more…)

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