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The New York Times is reporting that whites have won the majority in the New Orleans council elections. Normally, the race of the race wouldn’t be national news, except this is a post-Katrina New Orleans, where many of the displaced are black, and it would seem not too many are upset about that. (more…)


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The Washington Post is running a story about Philly’s city government plan to evict the boy scouts from their rent subsidized meeting center, if they refuse to renounce their discriminatory policy against gays because it violates the cities equity rules. It is important to note, the troop that currently meets here isn’t anti-gay, but they’ll lose their national charter with the boy scouts if they were to remove anti-gay language from their documents.

While this puts the local troop between a rock and a hard place to be sure, I think Philly is taking an important stand against discrimination. If the Boy Scouts want to be discriminatory, that is their perogative as a private organization, courts have ruled on that. However, that doesn’t mean they should be allowed to continue being subsidized if they stand in violation of the cities laws. We also find it hopeful, that the troop is letting atheists and gays in under the radar, despite the Boy Scouts discriminatory national policies. Children should be learning messages of inclusiveness rather than messages of intolerance and fear. Maybe this fight can change the face of the Boy Scouts, and make them the inclusive, positive organization they could be.

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