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Flying in the face of historical value, lack of destruction and showing support for blatant racism demolition is beginning on public housing units throughout New Orleans. Local business interests, using hurricane Katrina as a transparent cover have seized the opportunity to remove the last remnants of any type of affordable housing in New Orleans to force the creation of a “mixed use” (gentrified) area. Protests have been on going since this announcement and they came to a head today:



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First the Hurricane hit, then the refugees left, now they’ve made the public hospital private, the schools unaffordable and they’ve taken over the city council, so that no one could afford to return. Now they’ve taken to bulldozing perfectly habitable public housing that was left untouched by the storms. Why? So they can build cheap, gentrified condo’s and sell them to a high premium to white people. Who are these people? The white business interests in New Orleans, who see Katrina as an opportunity to segregate, privatize and make a killing off the backs of those who either died or were displaced by the storms. (more…)

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The New York Times is reporting that whites have won the majority in the New Orleans council elections. Normally, the race of the race wouldn’t be national news, except this is a post-Katrina New Orleans, where many of the displaced are black, and it would seem not too many are upset about that. (more…)

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