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CIA Chief Michael Hayden has admitted that the CIA used waterboarding,but only on three people and not at all in the last five years. However, Intelligence Director Mike McConnell says waterboarding still remains in the CIA’s arsenal. (more…)


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Al-Qaeda operative Abu Laith al-Libi has been killed in the fighting in Afghanistan. Abu Laith al-Libi is a libyan who joined the mujahidin fighters in the 1980s to fight against the soviets. He was known to have been good with bomb making and guerrilla warfare. Abu Laith al-Libi was believed to have been the operative involved with the base explosion during Dick Cheney’s last visit to Afghanistan. He has also taken responsibility for destructions and killings of western troops. To Wit:

On the situation in Afghanistan, Abu Laith Al-Libi said members of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda have launched “a new phase in the war against the Americans, founded on a guerrilla war and a war of assassinations.

“Thank God, we have been able to destroy the bases, the munitions depots,” he said, adding that he had also “seen with my own eyes between 150 and 200 American soldiers killed” in the battle which took place several weeks ago in the Shah Kut region in Afghanistan.

Al Qaeda Operative Reportedly Killed
Bin Laden, Omar Alive and Well: Report
Abu Laith Al-Libi, Top Al Qaeda and Libyan Islamic Fighting Group Figure, Killed in Waziristan Airstrike

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Foreign Fighters from Saudi Arabia, Syria, and many other countries in the arab world who have come to Iraq to be martyrs, may be closer to capture by US troops after Al-Qaeda’s personnel files have been discovered in Iraq. Not only that, but apparently the bulk of the resistance doesn’t belong to Al-Qaeda. (more…)

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Press accounts are reporting wide spread violence and riots following the death, and funeral of assassinated former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. As outrage spread across the nation, there was finger pointing from all sides. Now, it seems Al-Qaeda has come forward claiming responsibility for the attack. While plausible, we’re still finding it hard to believe that Musharraf wasn’t ok with this outcome or that he didn’t know it was coming either directly or indirectly. News and analysis on the flipside. (more…)

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