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This war has created its own lost generations, we’ve counted five so far, although it would not be surprising to find more. Two American, two Iraqi, and one more broadly effecting us all. (more…)


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Happy Roctober folks!

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We ran across this article in Information Week about the seemingly new focus the administration has on monitoring internet access and use. As the article points out, according to the newly released National Strategy For Homeland Security says:

“The Internet has become a training ground, with terrorists acquiring instruction once possible only through physical training camps,” the document explains. “In addition to discrediting their terrorist propaganda on the Internet with the promotion of truthful messages, we will seek to deny the Internet to our terrorist enemies as an effective safe haven for their recruitment, fund-raising, training, and operational planning.”

Perhaps, there is some merit to this. Viewers can find propaganda videos of all sorts on YouTube. That being said, is anyone really comfortable with this, given the administration’s, wide and ever changing definition of who the enemy is? Not to mention this could easily expand into legitimate, but non-right wing groups being denied access. Although, maybe the administration’s complete and utter lack of ability with respect to oversight, nothing will come of it. Stay Tuned.

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