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We know, it’s Thursday, super Tuesday is old news. We decided to take Wednesday to see how the hot air blew around the punditry. We’ve got a full run down after the jump- including Willard dropping out of the race. (more…)


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The AP is reporting that John Edwards is expected to drop out today at 1p EST in New Orleans where he began his campaign. His delegates and support are expected to go to Obama.

Update: The Washington Post is saying a source close to Edwards was the leak. He does have dozens of delegates to give up. John- expect some hatchet-man from the Billary mob, sometime this morning to give you an offer you can’t refuse, for your delegates.

This is unfounded speculation, but what are the odds of an Obama/Edwards ticket? Comments invited.

Edwards Is Dropping Out

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I just want to point out, that at the convention, whoever the democratic nominee is they can seat the delegates. Which means if you are a democrat, you can vote for whoever you want in Florida and it WILL count! Don’t believe the hype. If you don’t want Billary to swoop in and declare victory- get out there! This will have a huge impact on Super Tuesday. Here are some videos in case you forgot (more…)

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Well it’s been one hell of a Monday, and it will only get better. Tonight, as you know is the State of the Union, which will be the closing act in a day of political theater, perhaps yet unmatched in this campaign season and indeed this year. We’re going to run down all the acts of today’s great play on the flipside including, dueling Kennedy Endorsements, political rally’s on both sides of the isle, pre-SOTU speculation, and pre-Florida. Even with video in case you missed some of the action- (more…)

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In China, middle class people, businessmen, office managers, have been organizing sudden, short mass protests via euphemisms in conversation and text messages, circumventing the Chinese police state to make their voices heard on issues. These people understand Chinese law, their own rights, and have a firm grasp on what is taking place in their neighborhoods and countries. But, the strict police state that is designed to keep down dissent can’t compete with quiet conversations, blogs in code and texting. To Wit:

“They can’t arrest everybody,” said Yao, a 58-year-old protester who asked that his full name not be used because he is a manager at a state-owned enterprise.

And that’s the plain truth for both Chinese police and American police. (more…)

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Clintonian Double Speak

The latest attack coming from Billary is that Obama will win South Carolina on Saturday because he’s black. Interesting, coming from a campaign, who was seemingly fine with people picking her for being the woman in need of sympathy. Sexism over racism we guess. So much for the great statesman, former president, and giver extraordinare. Seems more like the low-road back alley hitman all the time.

Further:Bill Clinton says race, gender to decide S.C. vote

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In his column today He cuts right to the crux of the issue with the Clinton camp and their low brow gratuitous attacks on Obama. He dared to try to overshadow their legacy. What they fail to mention is their real legacy – TANF, Hillarycare, NAFTA, don’t ask don’t tell, defense of marriage act, the Iraq vote, the Iran vote. No wonder they have to dig so far into Obama’s past he wasn’t even an adult yet. We hope the Obama camp takes it right to them. They aren’t entitled, and they should be challenged.

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