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The Washington Post is reporting that the house has voted to call for contempt charges against Harriet Miers and Josh Bolten. And the Republicans are already whining:

“I believe this is an unnecessary provocation of a constitutional crisis,” said Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R-Wis.). “Absent showing that a crime was committed in this process, I think the White House is going to win an argument in court.”

Well thank you Representative. We feel wiretapping, lying, refusal to cooperate and the gratuitous use of privilege by your president is an unnecessary violation of our constitutional rights. So suck it.

We fail to see the strategy behind going this route over inherent contempt, but this is congress we’re talking about and they aren’t known for their greatness of ability. The next steps will be a vote by the full house and the inclusion of a prosecutor. Which will get tricky since the President has stated that no one at DoJ is allowed to touch this, and since he’s running the white house like the mafia, we’re sure no one will. Perhaps Gonzo’s new spin will be that the AG really isn’t so much an attorney, or part of DoJ. Stay tuned.

Report Suggests Laws Broken in Attorney Firings
House Judiciary holds Bolten, Miers in contempt


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President Bush is a competitive guy. But this is one contest he would rather lose. With 18 months left in office, he is in the running for most unpopular president in the history of modern polling.

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The AP is running a story that Gonzo is staying in his position at Justice in order to repair the image of DoJ and that he’s TROUBLED politics MAY have been involved. The man who politicized every aspect of this department is now TROUBLED that politics MAY have been involved. Riiight. If people can’t see through this level of abject BS, we’re doomed as a country.

Just a reminder, Gonzo is supposed to go before Senate Judiciary again tomorrow. Questions have been prepared and sent in ahead of time so that we don’t have a repeat of the amnesia show. Not that, it will help or anything. He seems determined to lie, and Congress seems determined to allow it.

Oversight Committee Fine with Spying Showdown Explanation
Gonzales Faces Questions About Wiretaps

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In an article in today’s LA Times , reports have surfaced that FEMA supressed both testing and information that there was illness causing levels of formaldehyde in the allegedly temporary FEMA trailers given to survivors of hurricane Katrina. We say allegedly temporary because it is very clear to us that almost two years after the fact, the number of people still living in them, while infrastructure goes untouched would seem to point to a more permanent situation. Some gems:

Top officials at the Federal Emergency Management Agency knew about reports of possible health problems from formaldehyde in trailers provided to Hurricane Katrina victims, according to documents released Thursday by a House committee.

Waxman’s frustration with FEMA was shared by the committee’s top Republican, Rep. Thomas M. Davis III of Virginia, who said that the agency “failed to get information they needed and failed to act to prevent this crisis.”

“FEMA’s reaction to the problem was deliberately stunted to bolster the agency’s litigation position,” he said.

Well so long as FEMA was acting consistently with the administration’s SOP- avoid the truth, fail to act, and then when it might come up stall, lie, go to court and win on the lie. Your tax dollars at work folks.

Committee Probes FEMA’s Response to Reports of Toxic Trailers
FEMA knew about toxic trailers
Katrina helpers no longer welcome
Leftover ice from Katrina relief is headed for a thaw

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The Emperor of the United States George W. Bush has further exerted his executive privilege to say that the Department of Justice will never be allowed to pursue contempt charges once he has asserted executive privilege.

Ok, democratic leaders, or hell, anyone in congress who still gives a damn about this country, the time is now for inherent contempt. It’s right there in your congressional manual. The President is just flat out calling privilege for anything he just doesn’t want to deal with. Last time we checked the United States wasn’t a dictatorship. If the Fourth Estate can’t be bothered, it falls to you congress. You have the ability, but do you have the principle?

Super Privilege
Committee Objects to Withholding of Tillman Documents

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In an article at the Washington Post more details have no come forward on the controversial energy meeting held by Dick Cheney in early 2001, with, surprise surprise: all oil men. Oh well, we take that back, there was one meeting with the environmentalists, but only after the bulk of the policy had been written. But it shows, you know that Cheney is fair and balanced just like Fox News. And as if this wasn’t also completely obvious the article says:

Cheney appears to have played a more behind-the-scenes role in the task force’s deliberations, the document indicates, listing only a handful of meetings with the vice president.

Cheney behind the scenes? No, no we don’t believe it.


Halliburton will move headquarters from Houston to Dubai

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The Washington Post is offering a three page run down of the whiny histrionics that took place on both sides of the isle last night in the senate. The plan, delivered by Majority Leader Harry Reid was the Senate would stay up all night if necessary to force a vote on the Iraq war. Sounds like the stuff of American revolutionaries, no? Well, not really when everyone is 900 years old and said Majority leader is more or less a bowl of cornflakes. (more…)

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