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We’ve been watching Mukasey for a while, we were on the fence with his appointment: was he just another republican hack or was he the real thing as some have claimed? It seems like the jury is in, and Mukasey is just more of the same old thing. First he can’t decide if waterboarding is torture, and apparently has more positions on it than Mitt Romney on virtually every issue which is saying a lot. Then it was the CIA tape case which apparently doesn’t need a real probe. Now we find on further investigation he was about to become one of these highly paid, no bid corporate monitors we’ve been following since Ashcroft showed up as on in the Washington Post. (more…)


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As Yahoo! Chief Executive Jerry Yang went before congress to apologize for Yahoo! China’s role in the jailing of a Chinese dissident, the ironic theater of this whole event aside, we thought of other recent news items. ATT & Verizon helping in the domestic wiretapping of Americans without being asked,the sub-prime crisis, the private security debacle, etc.

By virtue of their size, resources, and ability, corporations have always been and likely will always be on the chopping block for their sins. They make easy targets, they tend to be in the wrong, and their primary responsibility is to their shareholders and not say, their customers, the general public or the common good. Given the amount of these types of appearances recently, its hard to feel sympathy for them. (more…)

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