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In what can only be understood as the height of knee-jerk causeless whining the National Organization of Women New York chapter has decided that the Kennedy endorsement of Obama is a blow to all women everywhere. Apparently there is no choice left, it’s just vote Hillary or die. Regardless of how sexist, choice-less, or reactionary it is. The exact quote from the AP:

“Women have just experienced the ultimate betrayal,” NOW’s New York State chapter said in a scorching rebuke. “Senator Kennedy’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton’s opponent in the Democratic presidential primary campaign has really hit women hard.”

“We are repaid with his abandonment!” the statement said. “He’s picked the new guy over us. He’s joined the list of progressive white men who can’t or won’t handle the prospect of a woman president who is Hillary Clinton.”

If there was ever a face of insipid, shrill, stupid, women it’s the NoW New York Chapter. As a woman I’m offended, as a former feminist I’m offended. If they wanted to make their organization completely irrelevant, and a punchline they’ve surely succeeded. They could’ve taken the high road and issued a card of women’s issues, or asked ALL the candidates to put a focus on that. Instead, they stomped their feet like spoiled brats. I hope the national organization gets that chapter in a room and puts some heads on plates.

Earlier: Feminism Is Dead- Hillary Proves It.


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The conversation has been rumbling over here for two days about feminism and Hillary Clinton. Well look who finally showed up: The Washington Post. Join the debate here.

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I didn’t plan to use my debut post talking about the presidential campaign. Certainly not talking about Hillary Clinton. But as a young woman, I feel that someone has to comment. The headline isn’t misleading or designed to get reads- its real: Feminism is dead and Hillary Clinton proves that. I’ll explain below. (more…)

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It’s something we hear all the time, Feminism as a movement has been relegated to the constantly offended set. The “ball busters”, “feminazi’s”, etc. No more is it for regular women, polite women. Feminism is passed its prime, something that lacks utility. Hillary is running right? See, problem solved. And yet, Roe is being eroded at every turn, women are still scarce in arenas like finance or academics, and the wage gap still exists.

On Friday, the New York Times ran an article looking at the perceptions of how women should look and act within the work place. The results were as expected, dress in square suits, exude absolutely no sexuality, show no emotion other than nice, know your place, don’t talk too much etc. No mention of credentials, ability, no it’s all about how high the slit in your skirt goes and whether or not you’ve ever publicly gotten angry. God forbid. Being a male rage-aholic who’s attractively dressed and drives a nice car is still the accepted, even approved of. It’s macho and therefore commands respect.

We could spend time commenting on how absurd this all is, or the degrading placement of this piece in the style section. But all we keep thinking is, screw ’em, we hope that women read this, get irritated and decide to be better than everyone in the room and ride that all the way to the top. After all, its not personal, its business. The sooner women understand that and act in kind, the better.

We also hope for a new wave of feminism, one which takes the focus off nonsense issues like the word bitch in rap songs, and puts back it on something important like take home pay, trafficking, reproductive rights, and things that are going to make a real difference in the lives of women.

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