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In China, middle class people, businessmen, office managers, have been organizing sudden, short mass protests via euphemisms in conversation and text messages, circumventing the Chinese police state to make their voices heard on issues. These people understand Chinese law, their own rights, and have a firm grasp on what is taking place in their neighborhoods and countries. But, the strict police state that is designed to keep down dissent can’t compete with quiet conversations, blogs in code and texting. To Wit:

“They can’t arrest everybody,” said Yao, a 58-year-old protester who asked that his full name not be used because he is a manager at a state-owned enterprise.

And that’s the plain truth for both Chinese police and American police. (more…)


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It’s no wonder that President Bush is such a staunch supporter of Musharraf and Karzai, they’re just like him. Rather than going after the Taliban, and other extremist groups that pose threats to their own national security, they only pay lip service to the idea out of one side of their mouth and pander to extremists with the other. See how on the flip. (more…)

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Just as the UK wrapped up negotiations with the US for the release of four detainees in Gitmo, another case involving a UK citizen detainee has resulted in a motion to stop the US Government from destroying evidence of torture. From the Independent

Lawyers for a British resident who the US government refuses to release from Guantanamo Bay have identified the existence of photographs taken by CIA agents that they say show their client suffered horrific injuries under torture.


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