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The National Guard is so overtaxed from fighting the war in Iraq they lack the man power and the equipment to withstand natural disasters or attacks here at home according to a study released today. Today’s article in the Washington Post on the issue came with a few money lines:

“You shouldn’t be dealing with WMD scenarios with 52 pickup,” Punaro said, referring to a joke that involves scattering a deck of cards. “It needs to be part of the deliberative planning process.”

“It’s a food fight over resources going on right now,” Punaro said. “DOD can’t have it both ways. They can’t say they want it, ‘but only if we don’t have to pay for it,’ ” he said.



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Back in June, we reported about the “Anbar Model”, aka paying sunni’s to fight with us instead of against us. This has continued and expanded. At the time we thought of myriad of reasons why this was a bad idea and a few why it might be ok. It seems as though we were right to second guess it. (more…)

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