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Apparently, not only is the executive branch so powerful and so omniscient it doesn’t exist, those who used to be known as the members of it – President Bush and Dick Cheney have decided that laws are for other people. Two deals the administration is working on would effectively protect corporate America from any sort of legal redress when they spy on you, or wantonly murder civilians in Iraq, or anywhere else they are providing “security”. (more…)


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The NSA-Telcom drama continued over the weekend when the New York Times ran a story about the government’s ever-growing reliance on telecommunications companies to help gather and identify would be terrorists. Apparently, on the War on Drugs front, the NSA has been using telecom companies to spy on Americans who called Latin America and other drug-producing regions with regularity since the 1990s. “The D.E.A. declined to comment on the call-tracing program, except to say that it “exercises its legal authority” to issue administrative subpoenas. The N.S.A. also declined to comment on it,” according to the article.


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